Beyond Anger: Find Your Passion & Compassion

The keys to motivation, connection & productivity are on offer inside the dynamic of anger and frustration.


About this Event

Check out this series of three 3-hour sessions and learn to get from anger to forgiveness, compassion and responsiveness. Find what is being challenged and claim what's on offer on the other side.



  • Do you find that you are sometimes angry about a lot of things or continually angry about a few things – your 'hot buttons'?
  • What if you could discover what matters down deep when you get angry or frustrated and share THAT instead of your anger?



  • Can you help others find and express what matters to them instead of being the target of their anger or frustration?
  • Could you be better at communicating with someone who is angry or frustrated?


Join us for this engaging series and leave feeling empowered to manage our response to things that evoke a feeling of anger or helplessness.

Public Workshop. Open to everyone, no prerequisite.

Meet 3 Thursdays: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

February 4, 11 +18, 2021 | $90 for series.

Thursdays February 4, 11 & 18 2021

6:30 - 9:30pm CST


$90 (for series of 3 sessions)

Open to all

Houston More To Life |

Led by Houston-based Trainers: Sylvia Hebert and Ross Pierkowski


Life Talks are single-session 2-3 hour courses, offered by Senior More To Life Trainers, in Association with More To Life. The content will be described on the individual events.

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Other webinars may be offered over the course of a few sessions.

Other Course Dates:

  • Public Workshop | Beyond Anger

    4 Feb
    Confirmed | Online | US

    Hosted via Zoom
    United States