Event Title
Lifeshocks and how to love them

October 7

From 1:30pm to 3:00pm EDT


Have you ever wondered if life was trying to tell you something? Well, it is. Just not in the way you imagined.

Join us for our first global webinar where Sophie Sabbage will speak about how lifeshocks:

1. Can awaken us and bring healing, transformation and peace.

2. Lead us to what we most long for and aspire to.

3. Are actually putting us back on course to live a more creative, purposeful, and potent life.

Join us and you will not only hear about Sophie's book, you will also have the opportunity to interact with her and look at some of the lifeshocks that are currently challenging you.

About Sophie Sabbage


More To Life Senior Trainer


Patient Activist

Business Consultant

In her groundbreaking & inspiring new book, Lifeshocks and how to love them, Sophie explains how lifeshocks can awaken us and bring healing, transformation and peace. In 'Lifeshocks and how to love them' she writes, “No matter how deep we wallow, how intensely we hate, how far we fall short, lifeshocks will keep offering us a way out of our personal hell.”

Lifeshocks are all about the unwanted and unexpected moments in our lives. They surprise us, they blindside us. They shock us. They command our attention. Some bounce off us, others strike deep into our being. These moments are collision points between how we see life and how life actually is. These are lifeshocks.  Through her book, Sophie offers her own deeply personal story as well as other case studies as a vehicle for bringing this theory and teachings to life.

Sophie is a bestselling author who has worked in the field of human development, esoteric psychology and corporate culture change for over twenty years.

B.C. (before cancer) she ran an award-winning business consultancy with Dr. K. Bradford Brown.Together they delivered change programmes to diverse organisations including Tesco, British Airways, Unilever, the NHS and the Mandela Rhodes Foundation in South Africa.

Following her ‘terminal cancer diagnosis’ in 2014, Sophie drew on all her skills, wisdom and tenacity to pull herself back from the brink of death and create her life anew. Her first book, The Cancer Whisperer, became an instant bestseller and has since been translated into eleven languages. It placed her on a global stage in this arena as a keynote speaker and voice for patients in the media. Sophie still has cancer, but cancer does not have her.

Sophie’s academic background is in English literature, psychology and organisational change. She is a founding fellow of Professor William Torbert’s Action Inquiry Associates and an agent of change who measures leadership not by how many followers someone has but by how many other leaders they create.

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