The More To Life Weekend is approved by NASW-GA for 20 CEUs for Social Workers.  MFTs and LPCs in Georgia, United States can apply for related credit hours from their respective Associations.  Additionally, a licensed psychologist in GA could apply up to 10 CE hours to Area 5 (self study hours).

Registration: Starts Friday from 6pm
Fri 2 November: 7pm - 10pm
Sat 3 November: 9am - 10pm
Sun 4 November: 9am - 10pm

Complimentary Completion Evening (optional)
Now it's time to use what you have learned and develop a plan of action!  During this evening you will learn an additional tool that will help you create your personalised action plan. Friends and family are welcome to attend and they are under no obligation to do anything else but to share this evening with you.

Date: Tue 6 November
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Location: To be announced

Complimentary Practice Series
Often, for students who have completed the More To Life Weekend course, we provide a complementary six-week online or in-person series which gives you the opportunity to practice the tools learned during the course with the support of your fellow students and More To Life Facilitator. These sessions are not always offered, but if they are, dates and times will be announced on the last evening of your course.


Early Registration
(available until 6 October)
$395 For students, two people in the same household, retakes, and seniors (65+)
$495 General population

Standard Registration
$345 For students, two people in the same household, retakes, and seniors (65+)
$595 General population


You may request a full refund (including the deposit), if you cancel your booking within seven days of registering, with the exception of the week of the course itself. After this time we will retain the deposit of $95 and transfer your registration to the next More To Life Weekend course that suits your availability.

Senior Trainer Peggy Jarrett and Cindi Cameron

For questions please contact Kimberly Constantine |  +1 865 588 5400



Life constantly surprises us with unexpected moments and unwanted curve balls.  We call these moments “lifeshocks”. These lifeshocks require us to respond in new ways every day, but our ‘natural’ response is limited by habitual patterns of behaviour developed over time.

The More To Life Weekend is an immersive, entry-level course within a curriculum of courses that provide a series of reality-based, pragmatic tools that can be put into practice immediately. The Weekend is designed to help you become aware of your unconscious inner dialogue, which offers non-stop commentary on everything that happens and everything you do.  During the course, we bring our attention to previously unnoticed accusations and demands about how everything 'should be’ or ‘shouldn’t be’, while working to understand how little control we have over life itself. We evaluate how our own behaviours limit our happiness and how we each choose to respond to our lifeshocks, insecurities, and fears in very different ways. Some choose to live their lives by winning at all costs, having to be in control, to always be right, or pretend to have it all together. Others choose to give up, play small, and not take risks. Fortunately, there is a way out of our own entanglement, a way to create our life as we really want it to be and be More of the person we really are.

This exceptional tool-kit for bold, vibrant living offers a way to:

  • Have clarity of mind and purpose
  • Genuine self-acceptance and love
  • An understanding of your place in the world
  • A renewed vision for what is possible and the tools to realise it
  • Let go of self-sabotaging behaviours and release the inner chains that hold you back
  • Heal the accumulated hurts
  • Reconnect with who and what most matters to you

This is the ‘More’ we offer. More connection. More power. More life.

This course has been awarded accreditation by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office, and can be used to satisfy your development activity which may be a condition of maintaining your membership of, or registration with, a professional body, or a licence in a particular field.


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