Course Start and Duration
10 Weeks, launching online on Friday 10 April 2020.



We are very grateful to those who are able to pay the full price ($149) for the masterclass, as it will allow us to make this accessible to as many people as possible. However, the More To Life Foundation recognizes the economic challenges faced by many, and does not want financial hardship to prevent any person from getting the support that they need. We are offering tuition at pay-what-you-can rates for those that request financial assistance.

Open Access Course – Open to all

If you are unable to attend the workshop, your $95 deposit may be transferred to the next focus course available within 12 months.

Course Designer
Sophie Sabbage, Senior More To Life Trainer

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10-week Masterclass designed by Senior Trainer Sophie Sabbage

Learn how the coronavirus crisis can lead us to experience the greatest connection we have ever known

Sophie Sabbage, renowned authority on overcoming fear of illness, and the More To Life Foundation, a global educational charity dedicated to transforming the quality of people’s lives, are joining forces to offer a 10-week transformational masterclass where you can discover skills such as:

  • How to recognize and dismantle your fears with tried and tested tools;
  • How to be alone without being lonely and connect deeply when physically separated;
  • How to feel grief in a healthy way in the face of significant loss;
  • How to practice true self-care.

This class will engage you in a conscious enquiry into what the coronavirus is challenging us to change in ourselves, our relationships and society. You can also access a community of people who are participating in the masterclass and practicing the tools together, along with support from expert practitioners.

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