Living Creatively | USA 2019

Trainer Letter

Trainer Letter from Sophie Sabbage & Warren Kahn, January 2019


Living Creatively


June 21st – 28th, 2019

with Senior Trainers Sophie Sabbage and Warren Khan


Dear Student,

We are writing to you as a “person of knowledge” who has shown mastery in your relationship with Life As It Is. Warren Kahn and I invite you to join us for a deepening of your connection with life and a more refined harnessing of your creative responses to the lifeshocks that are uniquely yours.

There will be space to explore individual creative expression in a variety of ways, but above all in attending to what Brad said “is seldom noticed, yet ever present”. We will also discover the power of creative collaboration and the mutual transformation this can produce.

As you know, the first three practices of the programme are Noticing, Truth-Telling, and Choosing, for which we have a variety of practical processes. The fourth practice is Creating, which is less about processing and more about unleashing the creative energy, purpose, and vision that doing our work delivers us to. This is where the creative imagination is liberated from the destructive imagination, allowing us to live more fluidly and boldly, in alignment with the creation that is going on all the time.

We have both learned about this through challenging lifeshocks. Warren, who initially explored creativity as a musician, writes about a recent experience of calling on his creativity:

"In 2017 I nearly lost my son, his wife, and my two precious granddaughters as they ran from the California fires that year, which consumed their home just a few miles from my own. 

"There is no escaping our mortality and the ever-present possibility of losing those we hold most dear. This reality required me to shake, to scream and to sob, and move from turning away to embracing it fully - especially with my granddaughters ages 7 and 11. 

"Now I hold them even closer and listen to whatever is there including the terror of that night.  I have taken time to offer my counsel to my son and his wife as they navigated losing almost everything to finding and moving into their new home. And I have settled into my own vulnerability and humility at deeper levels. 

"When life brought another round of fires in 2018, Lisa and I had created a plan for evacuation, supplies, and fire prevention on our land.

"We are awake, ready and evermore grateful for our lives. My creativity shows up in my willingness to engage with all that is given and to be response-able for my part."

Sophie writes:

"I had long seen myself as 'a creative person' (though not 'artistic') when cancer came along over four ago, but nothing has brought me into closer creative alignment with my lifeshocks than living with a 'terminal' illness. At times, my life has literally depended on it. I have been called to discern seemingly impossible choices in response to some seemingly brutal encounters with reality.

"I have planned my funeral, prepared my family to lose me and made tough choices about treatments under intense you’ll-die-if-you-don’t pressure. But, more than this, I have moved into my destiny in utterly unforeseen ways – like becoming the author I have always wanted to be and serving in a context (of cancer patients) I could not have foreseen. This is why the course is called Living Creatively. This is the creativity that is available to us all."

These are the domains we will explore together in June. We have spaces for only twenty-six people. Together we will work, dig deep, rest, meditate, move, reflect and open to the creative presence that calls us into our most fully expressed selves, moment by moment. You will engage with the reality that you are a creative being who is able to make a difference even in the simplest things.

Warren and I hope you will open to all these possibilities and join us at the beautiful Elohee Retreat Center this June to fully claim your undeniable well of creativity. We see your readiness for this experience and for playing the Game of Life full out.

If you have an immediate “yes”, a registration link is listed below.


If you have any questions, join us for an Introductory zoom call on:
Saturday, February 9
th at:
11am CST | 5pm UK | 7pm SA
6am on 10
th Feb NZ
(We will add a preview call for New Zealand in the coming weeks.)

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If you have any questions, please contact US Advanced Course Coordinator Cindi Cameron, at

Thank you for your commitment to learning from life and for being a servant of Life. Now we invite you to expand your capacity to be an artist at living and an agent of Creation itself.

With admiration and anticipation,

Sophie Sabbage and Warren Khan